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Experience the difference of learning        a true, unified method, with
         Visual  Guide  Tones


As an LA studio musician and former director of Guitar for the prestigous, Grove School of Music, Dana Rasch has designed a curicullum for students wanting to get their hands on the truly 'life changing' information found only within the 3rd and 4th years of the top fight music schools and institutions found in the US including LA, Boston and NY.
This incredible course has as its core, 'Grove Harmonic Concepts'. A multi award winning method which is considered by many, to be the finest, most accessable and systematic approach to modern harmony in the world. Along with Dana's proprietary system for visualization called
'Visual Guide Tones'...
The truly phenominanal 'VGT Improv Program', has proven over and over, to take months off the process of learning how to become a 'pro' improviser on guitar, leaving students with indisputable answers ...not more questions!

VGT gets rid of any confusion, closes holes and helps you to build a serious foundation in your playing, regardles of style. For over 3 decades, one student after another have commented on how VGT has opened remarkable doorways along their learning path and actually helped them to deveolp their own, unique and dynamic style!
If you are tired of learning (and paying for) disconected and arbitrary 'licks', 'chords' and 'songs' .... See what it is like to gain a complete ownership of where it all comes from. Dana is known worldwide for his systematic approaches to almost every aspect of learning the guitar, taking the "rocket science" stigma out of the equation and instead, making the learning process fun and exciting .
With a modicum of self discipline, students are gauranteed to see 'real' progress...

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