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Experience the difference of learning           a true, unified method with,
    Composition Through the Guitar

Experience the difference of learning        a true, unified method with,
    Chord Melody for Everyone


 Simply put, Dana Rasch is considered by many, to be a singular, triple threat. Indisputable as a "topflight' Guitarist, Composer and Educator. Dana has been writing in all styles of music for over 55 years,
From Rock to Blues, Latin, to the many sub genres of Jazz, including BeBop, Fusion and Smooth Jazz. Over the decades he has traveled the world and investigated first hand, not only the intricacies of great guitar playing in other countries, but the unique, rhythmic and melodic concepts found in different ethnic
compositions as well.
There are quite a few educational products available on composition, all at different levels and many directed towards one specific genre. Whether it is classical or modern music, most are designed with the understanding that the student, will be using the piano / KB as the main vehice to write from.
Using the guitar as the primary instrument for composition is a unique approach, one that Dana has been experimenting with for many years and one that he truly believes, has quite a lot to offer.
Of course, it is necessary to have a full range of instruments needed to explore and bring your ideas to a fruition, so Dana delves deeply into the idea of writing soley from the guitar, but then, using your DAW to build a finished masterpiece.
"Triggers"... the inspirational cause that gives you the desire to write, can be anything from a drum groove, unique guitar voicing to a simple 'synth patch'. This is one of many interesting topics that are presented in the CTTG program. As in all of VGT's, 'year long' programs, Dana provides an "in depth" overview of harmony and theory, this time, in a very unique and specialized way, taking students from a beginning/intermediate level, to highly advanced areas of composition, all using "Grove harmony" as the foundation. Students have found this course to be both comprehensive and quite enjoyable, while providing a fantastic array of ideas, which can be explored for a lifetime.

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