Never find yourself in a rut again with this best-selling course!
This 7 DVD set shows you how to create great sequences using every scale source worth talking about, and discusses the most important aspect of using them in improvisation, "phrasing" You can't afford to miss the unique and absolutely inspirational concepts that Dana brings to help you develop your technique and soloing to new heights !
  • Major and Dominant Pentatonic
  • Major Scale and all Modes

  • Harmonic Minor

  • Melodic Minor / Lydian Dominant

  • Natural Harmonic Minor

  • 8 Note Dom. and Dim.

  • Whole Tone

  • Blues

  • Hybrids

  • Chromatic


Back Cycling For Guitarists

A quick and effective way to learn reharmonization on guitar for Composition, Chord Melody and Improvisational Comping
One of the most concise and comprehensive looks at a topic that can literally change your 'guitar playing' life. If your interests are in Jazz, Fusion or Latin, you can't afford to miss the unique and solid foundational concepts you will definitely find in this course. Mandatory for those want to become well-rounded players.
Dominant Pentatonic
Lesson 1
Dominant Pentatonic
Supplement 1
Dominant Pentatonic
Lesson 2
Dominant Pentatonic
Supplement 2

Dominant Pentatonic - The Series

Explore all 5 shapes of Dominant Pentatonic
Check out this incredibly unique , versatile and exiting shape for guitarists. If you are looking for a new sound and a way to enhance your playing in any style ....THIS IS IT ! You'll learn how to apply Dominant Pentatonic to 
• The I Chord in Major........all Major chord types
• The II Chord in Major......all Minor chord types
• The V Chord in Major.....all Dominant chord types.
Blues? Rock ? Jazz ? Country ? this scale works, and we mean.... 'works GREAT', with all genres !
Dominant Pentatonic
Lesson 3
Dominant Pentatonic
Supplement 3
Dominant Pentatonic

Beyond Chops 2

The one that started it all!
BC II Chapters 1 and 2 cover the introduction to Dominant Pentatonic, Chord Families 4 and 5, The Blues scale Each chapter comes with approximately 100 pages of text and workbook exercises, by Dana Rasch and Dick Grove. Plus new overview DVDs created by Dana specifically for each chapter.
Only physical versions of this product are 
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This final lesson, BC II Chapter 3... includes, a powerful 5 DVD video overview and example set, 85 pages of text and workbook exercises
by Dana Rasch and Dick Grove.
Dana buttons it all up and reveals the core of the VGT concept related to altered harmony.
The Chord Family  5, 6 and 8 connection !
Melodic Contour, Backtracking for Improv
Phrasing with fragments and much more..
Only physical versions of this product are 
available at this time.


Discover the secret within the secret for melodic phrasing
U-Turns gives you 2 hours of "continuous 8's" type exercises that bring 4th intervals into play, opening up an incredibly powerful new freedom to create great phrases that go anywhere you want! 

Learn how to play "continuous 8's" evenly and continuously without stopping. Get beyond your technical stopping points and walls!

Time Works

Get comfortable in any key. No more surprises!
Stop fumbling around in unfamiliar keys. Time Works videos gives you powerful musical practice concepts that completely immerse you in one key. With these videos, you will learn to get comfortable and musical no matter what key the music demands. Each lesson is a completely different exploration, which can then be used in all keys.

Time Works I

Time Works II


Trading 4's

Develop ALL aspects of your playing!

The new T4s are designed from the original Trading 4's "One Shot" text and video, that Dana created in the early 90s, but now includes contemporary new ideas. You will see aspects of real musical ability, that have never been addressed in your practice sessions, develop immediately. Like all of Dana's courses, this will put you on a path of continuous and steady improvement!


Trading Fours is probably the single most effective concept for practicing that a guitar player can develop!

Module 1
Module 2

Melodic Contour

Improvisation for beginning to Intermediate students

If you are a beginner wanting to start improvising on guitar

Dana's outstanding introduction to Melodic Contour is the way to go !

This concept can be applied instantly to any musical situation 

and just happens to be exceptionally fun as well.

Some of the best players in the world use this approach and you will see why the minute you start to work with it.

Melodic Contour is perfect for use in ALL musical styles, and if you're a beginner or intermediate player, it helps develop many other aspects as well, including technique, visualization, interval recognition and more.


One-on-One Skype with Dana!

Learn from the best!

Dana offers hour-long, guitar lessons on Skype. 


The cost is $200 per hour and includes any materials he feels you may need which can be downloaded as PDF's before the lesson. Purchasing four lessons in advance is discounted to $650.00.

Special (small class) rates are available for 2 to 4 students.


Explorations in Pentatonic

The Ultimate Systematic Approach to Developing Technique
A new look at the Pentatonic scale, and a great way to build your chops with Visual Guide Tones’s Explorations in Pentatonic. AKA The Flying Kitten Series is a spontaneous teaching event that includes 3 1/2 hours of instruction and explores, in depth, using Pentatonic over a Rock Groove in different keys and tempos with all kinds of fantastic ideas to give you months and months of great paradigms to work on.