Visual Guide Tones Guitar Program

A true unified approach to learning the guitar. VGT is a complete, well rounded, guitar course with an emphasis on Improvisation, providing unique, comprehensive, college-level information, found only in 3rd and 4th years of study at those pricey institutions in Boston and L.A. If you want to become a world class player and can't afford $50K+ a year, this program is for you.
Chord Melody Guitar Program

Dana’s best selling series, Chord Melody Beginning to Advanced, takes you from the beginning with systematic inversion of triads and 4-part to the most advanced concepts of writing your own arrangements. An absolute must for those who wish to be a well rounded guitarist.
Composition Thru the Guitar
Includes over 20 hours of ideas to develop your composition skills using guitar as the primary source. Discusses the many "Keys" to composition including Harmony and Theory, Rhythms and Grooves, Melody Creation, Digital Audio Workstations, Triggers and more.
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