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Dana's Private Reserve

Creative practicing is the key to becoming a world class player

Are you sick of stumbling in the dark regarding your practice and getting iffy results at best? Maybe you are stuck in a rut and looking for a way to turbo-charge your practice sessions? Wondering "what is it they do to play that way"? 
Here is the cure to all these ailments!

With DPR, you are in the same room with top notch musicians getting direct insight into their practice sessions on a number of critical topics.

Dana has noted the gap between the methods used in teaching the guitar, compared to the intended result. The crux of any learning program is the process of practicing. And the practice session is the time and place where skill is forged.

If you have been wondering how to take your practice to the next level and elevate your overall musical potential - this is the answer! 

DPR 10

The Days of Wine and Roses - CM overview

Dana Rasch

A beautiful one hour exploration into the approaches Dana uses, including 'Back Cycling'', for his extraordinary chord melody arrangement of Days of Wine and Roses. (NO CHART COMES WITH THIS OVERVIEW )
Includes : The music video and a 55 minute lecture. 


Thinking Vertically and Horizontally on the neck

Dana Rasch

If you are looking for a way to finally connect your fretboard once and for all - this is it! By systematically working on merging vertical positions of arpeggios and horizontal linear work via scales on a single string, you will literally open new horizons of looking at music on the guitar. 


The second installment goes further and deeper in forging the firm command of the guitar. Changing line directions at will yields the 3D understanding and full control of the fretboard. If music were a ship, with this knowledge you would be the captain steering it with ease and confidence. 

Thinking Vertically and Horizontally on the neck. Cont.

Dana Rasch


Dana pulls no stops with this series, and if you can keep up - you will be unstoppable on the guitar, too.

Thinking Vertically and Horizontally on the neck. Cont.

Dana Rasch


Join Dana in these practice sessions, and the fretboard will have no secrets before you.

Thinking Vertically and Horizontally on the neck. Cont.

Dana Rasch

DPR 12

Practice session on Latin comping patterns and applying them to Dana's "Trading 4's" concept. The systematic approach to beat displacement in a bar and combination with linear soloing will give you the sense of elation from having your rhythmic and melodic sense solidified at once. 

Latin Comping and Trading 4's

Dana Rasch


Melodic Couples : Dana Rasch and Adam Levine! offer their unique perspectives to a topic that all guitarists should become familiar with. A systematic treatment of melodic couples gives you understanding of various sound textures through the use of close or wide voicings, accents or lines, melodic contour, constant or changing types of couples etc. Once you have a grasp of this great device, the audiences will start looking at you in awe!

Melodic Couples

Dana Rasch Adam Levine


Melodic Couples continues with two different perspectives from the master guitarists and educators, Dana Rasch and Adam Levine! If you're struggling to spice up your playing with subtle melodic lines and soundscapes, you will find solutions here. 

Melodic Couples. Cont.

Dana Rasch Adam Levine


The good ole Blues just got a face-lift! In this session Dana gives you a fresh look on this mandatory music genre for all guitarists. By using both the blues scale and Dominant Pentatonic, you will find that there is more to Blues than meets the eye, and you see many of those nuances, but also learn how to incorporate it into your practice and playing.

Dominant Pentatonic and "The Blues"

Dana Rasch


Continuation of The Blues and Dominant Pentatonic. Dana really goes deep in this one, with 1/2 step approach from above into the IV chord, fragments for phrasing, introduction of II and VI chords to the Blues, soloing over different chords in the same position on the neck, and so much more!

Dominant Pentatonic and "The Blues" Cont.

Dana Rasch


Further exploration of the Blues and its subtleties will provide you with tools and craft needed to sound fresh and innovative over this unavoidable style of music. Be warned  - working on these lessons might give you so much excitement that you wouldn't want to play anything else for a while.

Dominant Pentatonic and "The Blues" Cont.

Dana Rasch


If you're a beginner looking for a great approach to seeing the guitar
in a serious way. This is the video for you! No learning one lick at a time for a hundred years. Dana shows you how to become a "real" player and puts you on the right path to designing your own incredible licks as well understanding what many guitarists are missing, a true harmonic background. This video is packed
with great ideas that will change your musical life forever !

Let's Practice ! Video #1

Dana Rasch

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