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VGT records

Cutting Edge instructional videos  

starting at only $19.95 each

The new and exciting ONE SHOT PRO VIDEO lessons and courses are now available. The result of the collaboration between Dana Rasch and Dirk Price, both of whom were directors of the Dick Grove School of Music's, guitar program in the early 90s.  Many agree, the Beyond Chops Program, was possibly the only real contemporary guitar method at that time.  Beyond Chops was eventually converted so that students all over the world could study at home at a tiny fraction of the cost ,of coming to the US to find equivalent information .  In recent years, Dana has continued to create a plethora of powerful new course materials based on the same concept of "systematizing" to create a logical, easily absorbable lesson or course, similar to the  Beyond Chops method and Dick Grove's amazing approach to Modern Harmony,

                                                                   Dana's new programs include:

         COMPOSITION THROUGH THE GUITAR                SEQUENCES                       VGT (VISUAL GUIDE TONES) 


                   BACK CYCLING                                  CHORD MELODY SERIES              DOMINANT PENTATONICS

Most recently, Dana and Dirk have collaborated to produce a new, cutting-edge series of "One Shots" including:

                                   U-TURNS: course                  TRADING 4s : series                 TIME WORKS: series

Many of these concepts are truly unique and  cannot be found on the internet or in any music educational institute. 

If you're really serious about becoming the best guitarist you can be, these are the courses for you!

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