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Dana Robert Rasch

Dana Rasch is the ultimate triple-threat musician – a master jazz fusion guitar player, a highly respected composer and a world-renowned educator,



Dana has played and recorded with some of the world’s leading  musicians in all genres, including Octavio Bailey, Jimmy Haslip Joel Taylor, Jimmy Earl, Otmaro Ruiz, Bob Sheppard, Dick Grove, Dean Taba, Ruben Valtierra, Joey Heredia, Nick Smith, Doug Johns, Chris Ceja, Cocho Arbe, Basil Polydurous, Scott Smalley, Bob Harrison, Tim Seifert, Liz Kinnon, Laurie Hofer Romero and Irida Noriega. He’s featured as one of the “World’s Hottest Guitarists” on three Guitar on the Edge series compilation albums on Legato Records. As part of the LA session scene, he played guitar on and composed for a variety of films, TV, jingles and albums. Early in his career, as a member of a progressive-rock band, Dana signed with Bee Gees label, RSO Records (Robert Stigwood Organization) .



As the guitar program director, Dana designed the curriculum for the world renowned 'Grove School of Music' in Los Angeles, which he has been refining now for over 40 years, bringing students outstanding  "study at home" products for guitar, comparable or superior to, the finest guitar institutes and colleges in the country!


His programs, include 'Visual Guide Tones', 'Chord Melody' and

'Composition thru the Guitar', highlighting his genuinely innovative approach to developing 'mind blowing'  guitar technique in all styles, complete command of modern harmony and theory, and truly unique insights into composition in all genres.


Demand for his exciting and 'cutting edge"  methods, launched clinic tours across the U.S., as well as Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Singapore, Malaysia, Switzerland, France, Canada, Jamaica, and the Bahamas .

Dana’s acclaimed, year-long guitar program, Beyond Chops and Trading Fours, have been bestsellers among guitar circles for decades.



Dana Rasch discography:


Life on Gargon – Most current release (2017), featuring Ruben Valtierra, Chris Ceja


Rely On Love – Featuring Joey Heredia, Ruben Valtierra, Jimmy Earl, Doug Johns, Chris Ceja, Lauri Hoffer, Iriada Noriega, Bob Sheppard, Liz Kinnon, Kevin Axt, Tim Seifert


Odd Time Odd Place – Joey Heredia, Ruben Valtierra, Jimmy Earl, Doug Johns, Chris Ceja


Rasch Judgement – Featuring Joey Heredia, Ruben Valtierra, Jimmy Earl, Doug Johns, Chris Ceja


The Fuse – Featuring Jimmy Earl, Joey Heredia, Ruben Valtierra, Rick Fierabracci, Joel Taylor


Guitar on the Edge – Volume 1: Nos. 3, 4 and 5


Ghost writer – numerous soundtracks and commercials

Here's what music stores across the country say about Dana's clinics:


"Very thorough, amazing player."

Mark Kennedy -
Bob's Music & Guitar Center, Denver, CO

"Clinic was great, incredible!

It blew us away."

Don Hawkins -

Indy's Music House, Indianapolis, IN

"Great! The best musician I've ever seen. Very informative."

Allen Kelly -

Pro Music, Atlanta, GA

"I was very impressed with his skill and knowledge and manner of teaching. He made things sound simple."

Steve Boyd -

Boyd Music, Little Rock, AR

"Phenomenal guitar player. Very informative and his clinic was well put together."

Harold Murphy -

Lone Wolf Guitars, Oklahoma City, OK



Mark Potts -

DJ for Nusakan Radio London

So, what's this stuff like?

OK. Let's start with basics. Forget about pigeon holes and what genre it fits into. Do you like a bit of awesome guitar, some funky bass, and some precision drumming? Yeah? Well, never mind what category it fits in, you'll like this.

Seriously, this is hot stuff. Think Jeff Beck, John McLaughlin, Steve Morse level of guitar playing, really funky bass work, and drumming so sharp you could slice cheese with it, then you'll adore this. But, it's not quite that simple...

Because of Dana's teaching work, he has travelled all over the world and, because he loves to learn new things, he's soaked up influences from everywhere; Latin, Caribbean, Afro, you name a style, he's taken it, and fused it into his jazzy style of playing. I won't even pretend to know what I'm talking about how he does what he does. I'm a simple God of Thunder and it's either good and I'll play it or, it isn't, and I will not even use it as a coaster for my cuppa. I can't really tell you why it's good, I just know when I listen to it, that it is.

I understand you want to hear a bit before you take the plunge and fork out for something. So, I got sent this album a week or so ago and listening to it inspired me to do the following show:

So, you don't take my word for it, have a listen for yourself.

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